All Silicon Foleys Catheter

All Silicon Foleys Catheter
Silicon Catheters are meant for very long term implantation
100% silicon construction from highly biocompatible and toxin-free silicone elastomer
Clear, transparent silicone material enablevisualization of drainage flow
The non-stick surface of silicone makes it highly resistant to encrustation
Technically advanced process forms the balloon as an integral part of the catheter, eliminating rough edges where the balloon meets the shaft
Smooth and proportional eyelets allow non traumatic insertion and maximum drainage
Hard valve ensures easy inflation anddeflation of balloon
Colour coded for instant size identification
Sizes (Two Way) Balloon Capacity
8, 10 FG 3-5 ml
12, 14 FG 5-15 ml
16,18,20,22, 24, 26 FG 30 ml