Braided & Coated Polyester Suture
Description : PROBOND sutures are non-absorbable, braided and coated, sterile, surgical sutures is one of the ideal suture for cardiovascular and implant surgery for long term support.
Polyester sutures are known for superior knot sliding performance and ease of manipulation. They are not subject to degradation and retain tensile strength indefinitely in vivo.
Special Features : Compactly braided for excellent strength & handling properties, silicone coated for smooth tissue passage and does not soak up in body fluids, flexible, elongates to support for optimum knotting, material yields to extended approximation and has negligible tissue reaction, colored bright green for improved visibility
Material : Pre- stabilized polyethylene terephthalate
Structure : Braided
Dye Used : D & C Green CI 61565 (US FDA approved)
Coating : Coated with polybutylate / wax / silicone
Colour : Green, White
Wound Support : Lifelong support
Absorption Profile : Non absorbable
Sterilization : Ethylene Oxide
Shelf Life : 5 years
Applications : General closure, cardiovascular, plastics, orthopaedics, ophthalmic and skin surgery
U.S.P. Range : Gauge Sizes 5-0 to 5, supplied as needled sutures and ligatures