Polypropylene Mesh
PROPENE MESH is monofilament synthetic non-absorbable, sterile surgical mesh constructed of knitted filament of extruded polypropylene. PROPENE MESH is intended to assist in the repair and reinforcement of hernia and other fascial defects requiring the additional support of a non-absorbable mesh during and after wound healing. Bio-compatible in nature, surgical mesh are good in strength and offer burst resistance for permanent support. The mesh offers long stability and superior performance. It is knitted in such fashion as to interconnect each monofilament fiber and provide bi-directional elasticity, while allowing the mesh to be cut to any shape without unraveling.
Flexible, strong, elastic & transparent mesh
Unique knitting mesh design
High strength & burst resistance for permanent support
Non-absorbable, inert and porous
Bio compatible, open knit construction allows in-growth of host tissues and encourages natural repair
Ideal porosity for high visibility, colonization and integration
Provides maximum support and elasticity permanently
Good shape memory
Excellent multi-directional mechanical properties and exceptional resistance to tearing
No shrinkage provides long term material stability important to counter muscular contraction
Laser cut providing precise shape and preventing edges from fraying
Also available thin mesh for easy manipulation and placement for laproscopic surgery and macropore mesh
Sterilized by Ethylene oxide
Abdominal wall reinforcement, treatment of incisional, inguinal, femoral, umbilical and ventral hernias, use in both coelioscopy and laparotomy
Code IH 306 IH 611 IH 715 IH 115 IH 151 IH 303
Dimension 3cm X 6cm 6cm X 11cm 7.6cm X 15cm 10cm X 15cm 15cm X 15cm 30cm X 30cm
Packing 10 sheets / Box 6 sheets / Box 6 sheets / Box 3 sheets / Box 3 sheets / Box 1 sheet / Box

* Other sizes available on request