Polypropylene Mesh
PROPLEX MESH is flexible light weight and partially absorbable composite mesh composed of monofilament Polypropylene and Polyglycolic acid.
Composed of Polypropylene and Polyglycolic acid filaments knitted together
Macropore construction
Low density (85 GSM)
About 50% of the biomass is Polyglycolic acid that gets absorbed
Contains Polyglycolic acid which is much stronger the Polypropylene
Contains Polypropylene which is non-absorbable and has multidirectional elasticity
Special Features
Excellent handling characteristic
Flexible, strong, elastic & transparent mesh
High tensile strength and burst resistance
Flexible scar lets abdominal wall move naturally
Life time support for the patient
Less biomass and less permanent foreign body material
Lesser erosion risk, less inflammatory reaction, less abdominal adhesions
Sterilized by Ethylene oxide
Use for Intra abdominal hernia repairs, ventral hernia, inguinal hernia
Code PSM 611 PSM 715 PSM 115 PSM 151
Dimension 6cm x 11cm 7.6cm x 15cm 10cm x 15cm 15cm x 15cm
Packing 3 sheets / Box 3 sheets / Box 1 sheet / Box 1 sheet / Box

* Other sizes available on request