Blood Bag Systems

Blood Bag Systems


Designed for collection, storage, transfusion and transportation of human blood and its components
Siliconised ultra thin walled, sharp Japanese 16G needle allows smooth, painless penetration and higher flow rates
Soft frosted and flexible kink resistant tubing with uniform wall thickness and markings at regular intervals
Double, Triple and Quadruple blood bag systems are provided with snap tip and connector tube to allow smooth transfer of blood components and additive solution
Special tamper evident and convenient write on label
Individually packed in special multi layer pouch and multiples packed in moisture barrier aluminum pouch
Tamper proof, safe and easy to open port covers to prevent contamination
Anticoagulant solutions used are CPD for blood storage up to 21 days and CPDA for enhanced storage up to 35 days
Optional CPD-SAGM anticoagulant solution variant for red blood storage up to 42 days
Option of TOTM (Tri-Octyl-Tri-Mellitate) plasticised platelet transfer bag with sufficient gas permeability is suitable for extended storage of viable platelets for approximately 5 days at 22°C
Also available with Leukodepletion filter to avoid complications that may arise due to leukocytes
Blood Bag

Single Blood Bag

| 1071

Size (ml) - 100/250/350/450 Anticoagulant - CPDA

Blood Bag

Double Blood Bag

| 1072

Size (ml) - 350/450 Anticoagulant - CPDA

Blood Bag

Triple Blood Bag with
Platelet Bag

| 1073

Size (ml) - 350/450 Anticoagulant - CPDA/CPD-SAGM

Blood Bag

Quadruple Blood Bag
with Platelet bag

| 1074

Size (ml) - 350/450 Anticoagulant - CPDA/CPD-SAGM

Blood Bag

Penta Blood Bag

| 1075

Size (ml) - 350/450 Anticoagulant - CPDA

Transfer Bag with

| 1076

Size (ml) - 300