Description : PROSILK sutures are non-absorbable, coated and braided, sterile surgical sutures, most widely used having smooth flow through tissue while maintaining knot security. Silk Sutures are composed of natural material silk which is obtained from silk worm. It does not swell in tissue fluids. Silk thread is serum proof and water repellent. Silk sutures not indicated for use in biliary and urinary tract surgery. They have moderate tissue reaction.
Special Features : Silicon or wax coated for excellent strength and smooth tissue passage, smooth and secure knotting, easy handling and flexible, coloured black for improved visibility
Material : Natural silk (100% protein fiber spun by silkworm bombyx mori L)
Structure : Braided
Dye Used : Logwood extract (US FDA approved dye)
Coating : Bees wax - IP/ Silicone
Colour : Black
Wound Support : 6 months
Absorption Profile : Non absorbable
Sterilization : Ethylene Oxide
Shelf Life : 5 years
Applications : General closure, G.I. tract, plastic, skin, ophthalmic, cardiovascular surgeries, widely used as ligature.
U.S.P. Range : Gauge sizes 8-0 to 2, supplied as needled sutures and ligatures