PROSTAP Skin Stapler is intended for routine skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures ranging from orthopedic surgery to sternal closure. It is simple, very reliable, reasonably designed and easy to operate. It sews up rapidly and is very reliable and reduces operation cost. No operational training is required.
Staples with different external diameters and width can apply to sewing different operation incision. High sewing up and stapling speed help to shorten the time of sewing, minimizes occuring of complications and avoid the cross infection of many contagious diseases.
Special Features
Superior design gives uniform tension & minimum tissue compression & trauma
Reliable stapling, good grip, better control, no jamming
Non corrosive, inert staple pins suitable for surgical implants
The diagonally shaped head allows for clear, easy and accurate placement
Superior cosmetic results as it promotes blood supply and faster scar-free healing
Painless and convenient when remove staples after the operation incision healed up
Product Details
Superior 316 LVM grade pins
35 staples per stapler
Re loadable cartridge
Sterile product for single use
Sterilized by Ethylene oxide
Sizes available: 35W, 35R, 35H
General surgery, heart and bosom surgery, plastic surgery, burn surgery, neuron surgery, bone surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, oncology surgery, field rescue, emergency treatment

For painless and effortless extraction of staples after the skin was sutured