Haemodialysis Catheter Kit

heamodialysis cathetor kit
Intended to be used for short-term venous access during haemodialysis, hemoperfusion, infusion and apheresis treatments
Specially formulated, soft, kink resistant and biocompatible polyurethanematerial provides strength during insertionand also softens at body temperature to conform to the body tissues and thus reduces the risk of vascular trauma
Soft and tapered tip for smooth and easy insertion of catheter to reduce trauma to vessel wall
Side holes to ensure highest flow rate and minimum blood recirculation
Rotating suture wing secures external anchoring which can conveniently adjust side holes direction to avoid thrombus
The extensions are curved for jugular vein approach to make the catheter more comfortable for the patients
Straight extensions are convenient for femoral, or subclavian vein
Sufficiently radio-opaque material of catheter with clear definite marking facilitates correct placement of catheter tip
Available as straight, curved and pre-curved catheter types


Dialysis Catheter (Double/ Triple Lumen)
Hollow Syringe
Needle Introducer
Guide wire
Injection Site
Catheter fixing bandage
Scalpel #11