Description : PROSTEEL sutures are non-absorbable, sterile, surgical steel sutures, most inert and provides maximum tensile strength. Steel sutures are made from premium quality surgical grade steel which ensures that suture is inert and there is no tissue reactivity. Steel sutures are soft and specially annealed ductile steel reduces chances of breakage. Further these sutures are bright, drawn and annealed and has a strength of 700 to 800 Mpa.
Special Features : Most inert among all suture material, maximum tensile strength, stable band tightening and twisting, needle to suture attachment is permanent with precision welding technology, attached to blunt, round body & conventional cutting needles
Material : Grade SS 316 LVM steel
Structure : Monofilament
Colour : Silver metallic
Wound Support : Life long
Absorption Profile : Non absorbable
Sterilization : Ethylene oxide
Shelf Life : 5 years
Applications : Sternal closure in open-heart surgery, dental surgery, hernia repair, orthopaedic procedures including cerclage and tendon repair
U.S.P. Range : Gauge sizes 1 to 7