Plain catgut suture
Description : GUTPRO Catgut sutures are natural, absorbable, sterile surgical sutures for short-medium term wound support with exceptional strength.
Catgut sutures are most widely used in the surgery, obtained by longitudinally slitting the intestinal submucosa of sheep and goat, twisting the ribbons and joining them in wet condition giving monofilament finish.
Catgut sutures tend to absorb faster in infected tissues. Catgut chromic sutures are treated with chromic salt to enhance absorption period and reduce any adverse tissue reaction. Catgut plain sutures are absorbed extremely fast and elicit very minimal tissue reaction.
Special Features : Excellent tensile strength, uniform absorption and wound support, excellent knot security, smooth tissue passage, no entanglement during dispersion, packed in IPA to reduced memory and increase pliability
Material : Highly purified submucosal layer of ovine intestine
Colour : Dark brown (Chromic) and Ivory (Plain)
Wound Support : Short - medium term
18-21 days (Chromic) and 12-15 days (Plain)
Absorption Profile : Absorbed by enzymatic hydrolysis
90-120 days (Chromic) and 60-70 days (Plain)
Packing : Wet (packed in Iso Propyl Alcohol - IPA)
Sterilization : Ethylene oxide in an alcoholic base
Shelf Life : 5 years
Applications : General closure, ophthalmic, obstetrics, orthopaedics, obstetrics / gynecology, & gastro-intestinal tract surgery
U.S.P. Range : Gauge sizes 5-0 to 2